After you've placed your order online, there are a few things that should happen to help you follow the shipping progress through to delivery.

- A confirmation message will be sent to your e-mail once the order is successfully placed.

- A second message with a tracking number will be triggered once your order has been picked and dispatched from the store. This tracking number can be entered through the relevant delivery company's website to view the status of it. If you've lost this email, you can contact one of our friendly Customer Happiness Officers and we will be more than happy to check for you.

- You should receive a final message alerting you to the "Delivered" status we've received from the shipping company, be it AusPost or Allied Express.

- If you receive a "Delivered" message but haven't accepted the delivery personally, please check "safe places" at your residence as Australia Post is now completely contactless during delivery due to COVID-19. If you're having issues, let us know either via Live Chat or Email immediately, and we will look into it.

- If your order taking longer than expected to arrive, don't hesitate to open a Live Chat or Email us at

*Please note: once Decathlon has signed off on delivery through one of our shipping channels, we are no longer responsible for the speed of delivery, and are limited in our control over shipment from that point.

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