We’d love to put AFL or Netball at the front of our store, quite literally the first thing you would see!

In Australia, we’ve made a choice to almost exclusively sell our Passion brands.

Globally, our Passion brands do not sell gear or apparel for sports like Netball and AFL. This is because we've been selling our products in Europe and Asia (where these are still up-and-coming or even nonexistent sports) so far! 

Having said that, our team in Australia has been working hard to offer gear and apparel to suit these sports. 

At the moment, we offer our Tarmak brand Netball balls both in-store and online. You can find them here. We're working hard on expanding our range to clothes and more accessories in the future!

For AFL, in-store we do have AFL Balls available and are hoping to have them up on our website for delivery in the future. Again, as we continue to grow in Australia we're hoping to stock AFL related clothing and accessories too.

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