We’d love to put AFL or Netball at the front of our store, quite literally the first thing you would see!

In Australia, we’ve made a choice to only sell our Passion brands.

Globally, our Passion brands do not sell gear or apparel for sports like Netball and AFL. This is because we've been selling our products in Europe and Asia (where these are still up-and-coming or even non existant sports) so far! 

In fact, we don’t want to give you what you'd find everywhere else, there’s no sense in that. We couldn’t give you a better price on those products because they would be exactly the same in our store.

Having said that, our teams in Australia are currently evaluating options and will work to offer gear and apparel to suit these sports in the coming years. 

If you could tell us more about what you're looking for, it will help us understand your needs and fine tune our offering for the future. The moment we have a passionate AFL or Netball player in our team, we’ll start to think about building a Decathlon brand here in Australia just for AFL or Netball! 

If you want to help us build that brand in the future, we’d love to get your opinion on it, so when the time comes, please stay in touch. 

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