To return a purchase you made in person at one of our stores, all you need to provide is the item/s to be returned, the email address attached to the account the purchases were made under, and, if they were paid for by eftpos, the original card the purchases were made on.

For purchases made in one of our stores, our returns policy states that we will always refund money the same way it was paid, provided the product is returned in-store; whether it's via credit, debit, cash or gift card.

No refund will be made to an alternative credit card, or out to cash if the original purchase was made on card. 

If the original credit or debit card used is unavailable, then the best we can provide is a gift card equal to the refund amount.

If you are exchanging  items, simply bring in your item/s to the store, with the email address registered to the Decathlon account under which the items were purchased, and our tills team will be able to handle the rest.

If the item replacing the original purchase costs less, then the cost difference will be refunded in the same form that the original purchase was made, be it to the same credit or debit card, in cash, or onto a gift card.

Inversely, if the item you're hoping to exchange your product for is more expensive than the original purchase, you will be required to pay the difference.

If the original credit card is not on-hand, then the difference will be loaded onto a gift card instead. We will not refund the difference in cash or onto an alternate credit card.

Sometimes, it simply isn't possible to get back to one of our stores, and we're aware of that. In these cases, if you are outside a 50-kilometer radius of your nearest store,  the return shipping process is the same as for online purchases, but any refund involved will be made by an online-only gift card. If you are inside a 50-kilometer radius you will be required to visit your nearest store, you have 365 days from the purchase date to do so.

 * This information only relates to returning purchases made in-store directly to one of our stores. 

    For information concerning returning in-store purchases online, click here

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