Decathlon is a global company, but every country within the company operates as an autonomous business.

Decathlon Australia gladly offer a 365 day returns and exchanges policy, much like many of our overseas Decathlon stores.

For our customers who have made purchases at an international Decathlon, we aim to honour the warranties and guarantees offered by those stores in that we will accept exchanges or warranty claims on their behalf.

All of our customers are entitled to exchange any product they are dissatisfied with, based on the following:

- The product does not perform its required function as advertised.

- The product does not meet the guaranteed standard.

- The product was received damaged or faulty.

- The product differs from what was ordered. (e.g., size, shape, colour)

- Reasonable conditions of use rendered the product damaged or unusable.

- The product did not last for the guaranteed lifespan under recommended conditions.

There are some limits to this policy however.

Please note that we will not accept:

- products that are deemed to be damaged on purpose or not properly maintained

- products used outside of their intended means

- products subject to normal wear and tear

- perishable goods such as food and drink and personalised items (such as printed clothing or personalised items) or personal safety equipment (such as helmets, ropes, carabiners, screws, mouthguards… non exhaustive list of products);

- If the item is considered unusable or damaged due to use in conditions beyond what it was purposed for.

- If the exact item is not an active part of our domestic range. (Including varying colours, sizes or non Decathlon brands that may be retailed in other countries)

- If there is no available proof of purchase. (Confirmation emails will not suffice)

* Please note - Exchanges on products purchased more than 365 days prior are not considered guaranteed in most countries, and therefore, the honouring of any guarantees on these products are at the discretion of the Store Leader.

In order to facilitate an exchange of an internationally purchased item, the customer must be:

- Able to physically present the product in question to one of our stores.

- A registered member of Decathlon Australia.

- In possession of a proof of purchase.

- Authorised in writing to exchange the product by the owner of the membership account under which it was purchased.


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