Yes, absolutely. Once you've made a purchase with us, the invoice, or receipt of sale, will be saved onto your membership. 

Currently, only the history of online orders can be viewed via our website, but we're working on making the tax invoices of all purchases available there in the future! To view your purchase history make sure you are logged in (through the top right corner of our homepage) then click on your name, there will then be a link "View Order History".

In the meantime, you can get in contact with our Customer Happiness team via chat or email, and we'll be able to provide a copy of Australian invoices and receipts. Our Customer Happiness team for Decathlon Australia can be contacted via:

Please note:

Each Decathlon "operates" independently so Decathlon Australia can only provide Australian purchase records.

Please reach out to Decathlon in your country of purchase for further help if required.

Decathlon India can be contacted directly through:

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