We're always inspired by any other company or organisation with the same community spirit we try to embody as a brand and team. As much as we'd love to involve ourselves in every community project, Decathlon worldwide does not generally participate in donation. Our strategy is simple - we believe in channeling our finances in a way that allows us to keep the price of our products low - which in turn helps us make sport accessible to more people. 

Actions like these, made globally, helps us deliver more value to our customers, and enrich our communities in a unique way. This is a policy we have followed for years now, and something that we stand by.

Instead, we give back to the community through our activities and sports in our stores. We have seen the positive impact it has on the community in general, and that is the direction we have chosen to take. 

Alternatively, we do Partner with other organisations to help promote their cause through fundraising events such as DecaGrills, which are barbeques hosted at our stores, operated by any local clubs or organisations.

For more information about DecaGrill, click here.

If you're interested in this, we'd be happy to connect you with a Communications teammate from your local store.

*Please note, this is a global Decathlon policy, and may vary from store to store, so don't hesitate to enquire with our online team regardless, referencing the store you're interested in communicating with, and we will address the query case by case.

If we believe we may have something to offer you in the respective stores, we will then forward your request to the Communications Coordinator of that store, and they will be in touch if they agree with our assessment.

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