***Due to COVID requirements, "Test it, Love it" has been temporarily suspended***

What products are available to test? 

  • You  may only test models where available in-stock and in store on the date of the Member's request.
    It is not possible to order or specifically reserve products for testing.

  • The offer only applies to non-consumable items and excludes safety equipment.

Are the testing products new or used? 

  • The testing products can be used or brand new, depending on the current availability of the stock in-store. 

  • If the product is used we guarantee it is in a condition to delight you. 

Can I test more than one item at a time? Such as kayak and paddles?

  • You can’t test more than one item, because it would be unfair for customer who would like to test the same product.
    However, if you test a product that’s inflatable we will provide a pump, such as tents. Kayak’s will also come with the required equipment such as a pump and paddle.

What if I’m from a partnership company, can I test more than one product?

  • The offer pertains to no more than one item per person.
    We will however review the items you request to test and we may provide an offer at the discretion of the Store Leader . 

What happens if the product breaks while I’m testing it?

  • We understand accidents happen, and our experienced team will assess the product in order to make a decision as to whether a damage fee (retail price of the item) will be placed or not, at the discretion of the Store Leader, or Store Captain on duty that day.