Please be assured that our teams have been continuously adapting to the constant changes in regards to lockdowns and restrictions. We have implemented preventative measures which are highlighted below to try and help stop the spread of this virus.


Each store has refocused and increased its efforts and frequency on cleaning, with special attention to all contact surfaces such as our tills, EFTPOS readers, touch screens and door handles. We are disinfecting all of these surfaces regularly throughout the day.

Our blue baskets and shopping trolleys will be disinfected after each use.

Our staff wash their hands every hour throughout the day. Teammates will each have a pair of their own gloves to handle cash especially.

We are trying our best to practice social distancing, keeping a minimum of 2 meters between us, so please be mindful of both teammates and other customers as much as you physically can.

Please try to avoid as much as possible, testing any equipment in store for the face. We have removed the displays but ask for your help on this during this time.

The Decagrill sausage sizzle has been stopped until further notice.

Sanitiser will be available for both teammates & customers within the next few days. We do have customer bathrooms where soap is always available on all sites to wash your hands.